Why Should You Take the risk with an Immigration Attorney?

Initially, many seek free advice but do not continue the process. I applaud those who seek information.  It is an act of courage to ask for assistance.  However, many do not take the next step by using the free information given at an initial consultation.  The information is beneficial to you and your family members.  Why should you take the risk of hiring an attorney and filing an application with USCIS?

  1. An Unforeseen Opportunity

Some opportunities pay off even if the risk is unknown. There is an opportunity to succeed and not fail.  But you will never know what lies ahead if an attorney is not hired or an application is not filed.  You will remain in the same place a year from now.  Your family members will still be separated from you.

  1. Confidence

It takes courage and confidence to move forward into the unknown. It shows leadership and boldness.  Often times you need to have faith in your higher power, the process, your attorney and yourself.  There is empowerment in this challenge.

  1. Lessons Learned

Once you decide to make that first phone call, it is the beginning of your future. This leads to internal growth.  These are exciting times.  A world of possibilities awaits you.  Why wouldn’t you explore these options?

  1. Pursue Success

Guess What? Success does not fall into your lap.  You must go after it.  Just do not start the process but finish it to the end.  Take one day at a time.

  1. Comfort Level

We all have a comfort level. Sometimes we need to go beyond our comfort level.  Do not play it safe.  Be a dream seeker.  Open up the possibilities.  Leave your comfort zone.

  1. Overcome Fear

We all have fears. Fear of failure is probably one of them.  Failure is the beginning of change and lessons learned.  Failure is a stepping stone to success.  Overcome misconstrued visions of failure.  Eradicate old thoughts.  Have no excuses.  But you will not know this until you try.

  1. Reckless vs. Homework

Do your homework. Do not blindly pursue a path.  Be brave.  It is worth it.  First, request information from an attorney during an initial consultation.  Second, act upon the information given at the initial consultation.  Third, trust your guidance.  Trust yourself.  Fourth, stick with it through the good, bad and ugly.  Fifth, ask more questions.  Sixth, be patient.  Lastly, enjoy your success.


There are rewards in success. Do not focus on what could go wrong.  Do not focus on the losses but the gains.  Probably most of us think of the worst case scenarios and catastrophic results.  Do not underestimate the ability to handle the consequences of risk.  Be brave.  Be vulnerable.  Leave the status quo.  We are wired to be risk adverse.  Overcome self-doubt.  Take a chance.  Change a life.

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