Currently, the world of immigration is drastically changing on a constant basis. Many of the rules that govern how immigration is handled in the United States have been altered in ways that have strong impacts on those who move to this country. As an immigrant, it is important to stay updated on these changes to know how they may determine how long you can remain in the US. The Thanyachareon Law Firm advises its clients of changes to immigration law that are applicable to them and how to plan their next steps.

Immigration is broad in that people come to the US from all over the world for various reasons. While the decision to move may be by choice or necessity, there are recent changes that impact majority of those people. Immigration attorneys in Lorton VA can explain how the following changes affect their clients:

Immigration Allowances
There are a number of categories in immigration and there are only a certain number of people allowed to enter the United States in each one. Recent changes seek to decrease those allowances and make certain categories much more competitive.

Processing Times
The amount of time it takes to process certain cases has been extended far longer than it has previously been. This means that many immigrants have to wait months longer to get a decision on their cases.

The threat of deportations has greatly increased, and this has put many people at risk of being arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Many of these individuals are unaware of what can happen while in custody of ICE, but should contact immigration attorneys in Lorton VA before they are possibly arrested to learn what steps to take, if needed.

The Thanyachareon Law Firm can offer advice regarding the constant changes that immigration law is currently experiencing and what a foreign national should do if they are impacted. Contact their office to get your questions answered about your case.

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