As an immigrant files a petition with the United States government, they have to make sure they maintain as clean of a record as possible to avoid any issues during processing. However, crimes, fraud, dishonesty with an immigration officer, and improper admittance to the United States do occur, and an immigrant will have to determine how they will request that their petition is still considered, even with a violation on their record. Thankfully, there are immigration waivers in place that offer a solution to the possible deportation of a foreign national. Immigration waivers are simple in that they protect a foreign national from being deported for certain infractions, but complex in that not everyone qualifies for them. Some waivers are automatic, while others require an application. The Thanyachareon Law Firm has worked with a number of cases involving immigration waivers and can thoroughly explain how they work.

An immigration waiver can be an automatic protection from being penalized for certain crimes, incidents of fraud, lying to an officer, or being admitted to the US without an inspection. The violation being a first offense is also taken into consideration when allowing a waiver. The immigrant would have to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for this pardon. There are also waivers that have to be applied for and must have certain criteria met for it to be applied. It must be noted that not all applications are approved and not all waivers are a definite protection from deportation. At a Lorton VA immigration law firm, an attorney can review your case and determine if you are eligible for this benefit.

The Thanyachareon Law Firm can help with the next steps if you are granted an automatic waiver or if you need to apply for one. This Lorton VA immigration law firm is up to date on the latest of immigration practices and can guide you closer to being granted a waiver for your case. When you contact our office, we can advise of what you should do next in this process.

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