After an immigration case is filed, the anticipation is great waiting for it to be approved. The foreign national may expect that it should be approved soon after it is filed, but that is rarely the case. It is important to know that there are processing times assigned to immigration cases based on type and time of filing. Lorton VA immigration lawyers are the best at explaining how processing times work and what the expected date of approval is for your case. When you work with The Thanyachareon Law Firm, the staff will keep you updated on what you can expect and if your processing time happens to change.

What is processing time?
Depending on when your case was filed, this can impact when it will be reviewed by an officer at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Generally, cases are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Furthermore, they are also reviewed based on the case type. In recent times, the USCIS has experienced many delays for a number of cases, so the general processing time for each case has likely been extended. If a response is required for your case, based on need or want, the option to upgrade it to premium processing is available. Under this category, a response will be received within 14 days once the case has been upgraded, which requires an additional fee to be submitted to the government.

Processing times are detailed and require the knowledge of Lorton VA immigration lawyers to be explained to those waiting on their cases to be approved. If you are in need of immigration services and would like to be kept updated with processing times, contact The Thanyachareon Law Firm for a consultation. Our highly experienced staff will provide exceptional legal advice for your immigration matter.

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